Roaming Rates

Post-Paid Roaming Rates


Zone 1 Zone 2
National Voice Calls within the same country (per minute) National Voice Calls $1.20 $2.40
International Voice Calls outside the country you are in (per minute) International Voice Calls $1.20 $2.40
To receive Voice Calls (per minute) Receive Voice Calls $1.20 $2.40
SMS to an Australian or Non Australian Number SMS $0.75 $1.20
MMS to an Australian number (per message) Standard International MMS
rate + Data @ $0.0075/10KB
Standard domestic MMS rate
+ Data @ $0.012/10KB
MMS to a non-Australian number (per message) Standard International MMS
rate + Data @ $0.0075/10KB
Standard international MMS
rate + Data @ $0.012/10KB
To receive MMS (per MB) Data / 1MB $0.90 $1.20
GPRS / 3G Data Data / 10KB 0.0075 0.0120

If you are on a Cruise ship you will incur Maritime Roaming Charges which are around double the cost of the previously mentioned charges, so for Data these charges can reach up to $2400 per gigabyte. One hour of streaming YouTube or a similar video service could use this amount of data.

To activate international roaming customers will need to prepay $150 which will sit as a credit on their account. If this amount is not used or if there is more than $50 credit left upon a customer's return to Australia we can refund this unused amount for up to 30 days after their arrival upon their request.

Roaming Zones Map

Zone 1 is in light blue and Zone 2 is in dark blue. Countries in white do not have roaming services available.