• Keep your existing mobile number
  • Powered by Optus 4G Plus network
  • Easy activation once you receive SIM

Customers Ask: What kind of SIM card do I need?

When you purchase a Moose plan you will be provided with a SIM. You must choose between a Standard, Micro or Nano SIM card. For help in deciding which SIM card is right for your mobile phone please refer to the information displayed below showing the different types of SIM card and which range of mobile phones they generally work with.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you properly identify which SIM card size you require as well as where the SIM slot is on your phone. Do not insert the wrong SIM card size into the SIM slot or insert your SIM card into an SD or charger slot. Doing so may permanently damage your mobile phone and/or the SIM card.

  • Works with MOST feature phones
  • Feature phones are non-smart phones with music playing & internet capabilities
  • Works with MOST Android and Windows operating system phones
  • IPhone 4 range
  • Works with MOST iOS operating system phones / tablets
  • This includes the iPhone and iPad product range except IPhone 4