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Transferring your number
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Three Easy steps to transfer


Purchase a SIM

Choose to either keep your old number or select a new one



Fast delivery of your new SIM card anywhere in Australia



Receive your new SIM, activate online or simply call Moose to connect

Transfer your existing number

Your mobile number is yours to transfer anywhere you like.

Don’t cancel your number

We’ll do this for you. We won’t be able to transfer a cancelled number!

No service disruption

Find out how to make your transfer process seamless

Frequently Asked Questions
We'll transfer your number when you've received your new Moose SIM and are ready to activate. Simply give us a ring or use our activation page to start the process.
Your transfer can take 4-12 hours to happen as long as you put in a transfer request between 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday. If you call us or activate online outside of these hours the activation process will being at 9am on the next business day.

Your number may switch to Moose at any time during this 4-12 hour period, so keep your old SIM in your existing phone until it stops working (if your phone displays "No network", "SOS Only", or "Unregistered SIM"). At this point, take your old provider’s SIM out and put your new Moose SIM in and it will be working with your existing mobile number.
Just wait for your new SIM to arrive via post. Once you've got it, give us a ring on 1300 566 673 or submit an activation request via our website homepage to start the transfer process. We'll use the details you provided while signing up to transfer the number from your old provider to us.
No. This is done automatically when we transfer your number from your service provider to us. In fact, we'll only be able to transfer from an active account, so please make sure your number isn't cancelled before putting in a transfer request with us!