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Number Transfer Policy

Please read the following information in regards to new Legislation beginning on May 1st 2020 that is designed to protect customers from unauthorised ports.

In order to prevent unauthorised ports, Moose Mobile will employ an additional identity verification process that will be used to verify the identity of the person making a porting request prior to the mobile service number being ported.

In the event that you as a customer suspect that your mobile service number has been fraudulently ported, the legislation recommends that you immediately report the activity to either the Australia Federal Police or the relevant State or Territory Police and any government services that support you.

Important Information regarding new Industry transfer standards. Please read the information below.

If you are transferring a number, you will receive a verification code via SMS to the mobile number that you have requested the transfer for. You will have to reply to this SMS with the code we send you to commence the transfer process.

During the transfer, you can continue to use your current provider's SIM.

(This step has been taken by Moose to ensure no unauthorised number transfers can take place in accordance with updated telecommunications law commencing on the 1st of May 2020, where all number transfers made online have to be authorised via an SMS to the number being transferred.)