TCP Compliance

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1. Managing your spend

1.1. Usage notifications

If you are a residential customer, we will help you control your spend by providing you with notifications via email or SMS when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your call/SMS value and/or data allowance that is included in your mobile plan or in your broadband plan.
Usage notifications do not occur in real time but with a delay of up to 48 hours after you actually reached the respective thresholds.
Usage notifications also do not include any usage that you may have consumed overseas (mobile roaming), calls and SMS to overseas destinations and calls to premium services

1.2. Other ways of managing your spend

There may be other ways of keeping your spend on track, such as barring more expensive numbers, choosing an internet plan without excess charges (which means that your speed is shaped/slowed down once you used up your included data allowance) or monitoring your spend online through our website. Please contact us for more information.

1.3. Estimate your data usage

The table below may be of assistance to gain a better understanding of how much data you are using. This may help you choose the right service and avoid unexpectedly high bills. Please note that actual usage will depend on the device used, the technology used (3G, 4G) and other factors. The information below is based on averages and provides estimates only.

Type of internet use

Data used

Email text only

30 – 50 KB

Email with attachment, i.e. document or photo

350KB – 4 MB

Website viewing

1 MB

Streaming video/minute

7 MB (3G), 30 MB (4G)

Streaming music/minute

1 MB

Downloading a song

6 MB

Downloading an app

30 – 100 MB

Uploading a photo

4 MB

Making a video call with an app/minute

8 MB (3G), 24 MB (4G)

1.4. Mobile roaming

Your mobile service allows you to roam (i.e. use it) overseas and you must contact us to activate / deactivate mobile roaming prior to travelling outside Australia should you wish to enable/disable this function.
Charges for mobile roaming (i.e. for calls, SMS and data) are usually significantly higher than within Australia and also higher than charges for making international calls from Australia. Importantly, you may also be charged for receiving calls and SMS when using your service overseas.
Making and receiving calls/SMS overseas is not included in your monthly allowance and you will be required to pay these charges in addition to your monthly charge. Therefore, even short periods of international mobile roaming can generate a very high bill.
Please refer to the information below for some basic charges in key countries

Please contact us if you wish to receive more information on international mobile roaming.

2. Your Network

Your service is provided using the Optus network. We are responsible for the service that we are providing to you, and we will be there to help in case you have any feedback or wish to complain.
To learn more about the coverage that your mobile network offers, please refer to the coverage map(s) below. Please note that actual coverage depends on numerous factors, including local geographic and structural/building conditions. Therefore, we recommend, if possible, to test coverage at your specific location, e.g. using the mobile of a friend who already uses the network etc.

3. Paying Us

3.1. Your bill

We will bill you monthly in advance and your bill will be emailed/mailed to you. Getting a paper bill mailed to you incurs a $2.50 fee.
You can pay your bill free of charge via direct debit or credit card.

3.2. Financial hardship:

Our financial hardship policy is available here:

4. Hardware and Warranty

Where we supply hardware, e.g. a modem, router, mobile phone etc., you are most likely entitled to a warranty under the Competition and Consumer Act and we are responsible for dealing with any warranty matters on your behalf with the manufacturer.

5. Dealing with us

If you would like to appoint an authorised representative who deals with us on your behalf or if you wish to use an advocate, please contact us. If you wish to appoint an authorised representative, please use this form:

6. Feedback and Complaints

We are here to help! Please contact us if you wish to give feedback or make a complaint. A summary of our complaint handling process is available here: