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+ $199 Modem Charge No Lock-in Contract


10-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Lightning fast Optus 4G Plus

WiFi Modem

Huawei B818
Total Min Cost: $258


+ $199 Modem Charge No Lock-in Contract


10-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Lightning fast Optus 4G Plus

WiFi Modem

Huawei B818
Total Min Cost: $268

Award Winning Coverage

Moose Mobile utilises the FULL Optus 4G Plus Network. Check your coverage HERE.

High-speed 4G Data

Stream all your favourite songs and movies at up to 60Mbps with the super-fast Optus 4G Plus Network.

Moves with you

Wireless data means you can take Wireless Broadband with you. Planning a move? Simply plug and play.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Trial your new Wireless Broadband for 10 days. Don't like it? Just send it back to Moose for a full refund.

A Genuine NBN Alternative

Get reliable wireless broadband without dealing with the hassle that is the NBN. 5G ready when available.

Frequently Asked Questions
We'll send you usage notifications once you've reached approximately 50%, 85%, and 100% of your data allowance available for the month.

Additionally, you can log in to the Moose Mobile website or download our app on your respective app store to keep track of your usage.
We'll let you know once you're nearing the end of your data allowance for the month, but if you need to use more data then you can make use of our extra data feature. Extra data is automatically activated once you've passed 100% of your usage and is charged at 0.15 cents per MB ($1.53 per GB) on top of your monthly access fee. Additionally, we'll only bill you for what you use, not a whole GB at a time like some other providers.
Your service will be delivered over the Full Optus 4G Plus Network, so you can expect the same speeds you might receive while using 4G on your phone, which can reach up to 60Mbps. However, your speed will depend on local congestion and reception strength in your area.
Our Wireless Home Broadband product is designed with plug and play in mind. Simply plug your new router into the power and connect to the wireless hwbb with your device. It's that easy!

Still want to talk to someone over the phone? No problem. Our customer service team is available 7 days a week to assist you.
You can try this service using our 10-day risk free satisfaction guarantee. Using this guarantee you are able to try out this product and, in the event of not being completely satisfied, return it for a full refund.
To ensure quality of service, Moose Home Wireless Broadband requires one of two modems: the supplied Huawei B818 router or a Huawei B525 (B525 no longer available for purchase). Moose Home Broadband will not work on other devices.
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