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Moose Mobile is committed
to a Greener Australia

Dean Lwin, CEO of Moose Mobile

"Moose Mobile is committed to a greener future, and through our example, we hope to inspire other businesses and consumers alike to keep their environmental impact in mind by taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint, understanding every single person can make a difference. "

A greener Australia

Moose Mobile trades in accordance with public and internal targets for waste and emissions.

Less landfill waste

Our focus on recycling means that 95% of our waste avoids the landfill, with a target for 98% in the future.

A green office

Most of our office equipment, electronics, and furniture is environmentally sourced.

Current Environmental Targets

25% reduction in emissions by 2029 from 2019 base year

30% renewable energy usage by 2025

98% of total company waste avoiding landfill by 2025