How do I sign up to Moose Mobile Sim only plan?

To sign up, simply select the Sim only BYO plan that suits you and proceed through the online checkout. Your request will then be processed and sent out to you. You can also sign up over the phone by calling Moose Mobile on (07) 31939400 (Mon to Fri 9am –8pm or 10am to 6pm Sat, Qld Time).

Can I keep my existing number when transferring to a Moose Sim only BYO plan?

Yes! It is simple to transfer your current number to Moose Sim only plan. During the sign up process, just tell us your mobile number and the name of your current service provider. Importantly the transfer of your mobile number to Moose will only take place once you have received your new sim card.

Do I have to cancel my service with my current provider to transfer across to Moose Mobile Sim only BYO plan?

Don't cancel your current mobile service before you transfer your number. The transfer will only work if your service is currently active. In fact,you don't even need to contact your old provider to say your leaving we do all that for you.

When will my new service be connected?

Only once you have received your new Moose Sim card can you put in a request online or over the phone to have it connected. If the information you provide is correct and you are keeping an existing number this will take 2 to 12 hours. Your existing SIM card will remain active until your new Moose Sim activates when this happens your old sim will not work anymore. Once your service has been transferred across make sure to reboot your device with the Moose Sim card inserted to refresh the network setting. If you have requested a new number this will take about 1 to 4 hours after your activation request has taken place.

My old service stopped working, but I can't make any calls on my new Moose Mobile Sim only service. What do I do?

Sometimes when the service transfers, it needs both phones to be off so that the connection can transfer successfully to the new phone/SIM. What you need to do is turn off your handset when your old service stops working. When it is fully off, proceed to turn on the new handset with new SIM, or replace the old SIM with new SIM if using the same phone.

How does calendar month billing cycle work?

All Data Plans as well as the $34 and above SIM Only plans are subject to a calendar month billing cycle which begins on the first and ends on the last day of each calendar month. If you are not connected on the first of the month you will be charged for a pro-rata amount for that period up to the end of the month. For example, if you connect on the 15th of June you will only have half of your cap inclusions until midnight on the 30th of June, but you will only be charged half for that period. As you have paid your access fee in advance this will be applied as a credit on your first bill. In this case your first account will be received around the 5th of July and it will be only for the pro-rata amount of half of the normal access fee.

How do I receive my bills?

With Moose, we will send your monthly account via email, or you can receive a paper bill but this will incur an additional charge of $2.50 each month.

How can I pay my bills?

You can use credit card direct debiting to make payments free of charge, however if you wish you can also pay using Bpay or Australia Post. If you choose to do so, payment must be received prior to the due date otherwise your direct debit will be processed. Our additional charges include: $2.50 for Australia post and $1.00 for Bpay.

How long do I have to pay my bill?

Your monthly invoice from Moose Mobile is due 3 days after the issue date. Remember, if you receive your bill via email, it will be delivered on the date of issue, while a paper bill may take a number of days to reach you.

How can I update/change my direct debit details?

If you'd like to update your direct debit details, you can do so yourself by logging in to our website. Simply log in using your details and click on the 'My Payments' section. Then under 'Card Details' you may edit, add, ore remove card details relating to your direct debit. Alternatively, you can contact Moose on (07) 3193 9400. Please see our opening hours for availability.

What happens if I want to cancel my service?

If you would like to cancel your service, please call Moose Mobile on (07) 31939400 and we will finalise your account. As all of our plans are Sim only BYO plans and have no contract term, no cancellation fees will apply. If you are porting your service over to a new provider, they will contact us to initiate the process. There’s no need to call us to cancel the service as this may cause an error with the movement to your new provider. We will send you your final account once your number is transferred.

How can I track/manage my usage for the month?

With Moose Mobile, there are systems in place to allow you to track your usage. You will receive a warning notification via SMS when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your usage. You can also check you usage by logging into your Moose Mobile Account. Please be advised that the SMS notifications along with the usage reflected on your Moose Mobile Account could be up to 24 hours old as usage information is delayed.Importantly though as all our deals are Sim only BYO Plans with unlimited calls you only really have to worry about the data usage.

How can I set up my APN/internet? How can I set up my MMS APN?

What type of sim card do I need?

Moose Mobile offers a SIM card to cater for all handset models on our Sim only plans. If your device uses a standard SIM or micro SIM, you’ll receive a double punch SIM which will suit most phones (such as the iPhone 4S and previous models, Samsung Galaxy SII, S3, S4 and S5). We also provide a nano SIM to suit newer devices (like the iPhone 5, the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z3). If you’re unsure which SIM card you require, refer to your handset instruction manual, or give us a quick call on (07) 31939400.

My phone says that I have a SIM card error. What's wrong?

It's just a case of doing a quick check. Is your SIM card inserted properly? Try testing the card on another phone. Most of our customers usually find that it's because it's locked to another network. If your SIM isn't locked give our service team a call on (07) 31939400 from any other phone and they'll organize the delivery of another SIM card for you.

My phone is lost/stolen. What do I do?

Call us immediately on (07) 31939400 and we'll lock your SIM card and reactivate it when you're ready or make sure you get a replacement SIM card.

How much does a replacement SIM card cost?

If you lose or have your SIM card stolen, unfortunately, we need to charge you a replacement cost of $25. We don't want to inconvenience you so we'll make sure it's delivered by post ASAP. You'll see the SIM replacement fee on your next invoice.

How do I move all my SIM Card contacts to my new Moose SIM card?

To transfer your contacts from your old SIM card, you'll have to copy your SIM contacts to your handset's phonebook before removing your old SIM. Your phone's user guide will provide detailed instructions on how to do this. This is usually done in the following manner:

√ Open your phone book with the old SIM card in phone

√ Press options or look for options in the list of contacts
√ Press "Mark contacts" and then press "Mark All"
√ Press "Copy contacts". Usually you will have an option to select from "Copy from phone to SIM memory" or "Copy from SIM to phone memory"

Then, once you've inserted your new Moose SIM card, you'll be able to copy your contacts onto your new SIM. It's worth storing your contacts on your SIM, because that means you can easily transfer them to another mobile phone. That way, if your phone gets damaged, you won't lose your friends' numbers!

Can I use my Moose Mobile service to tether my mobile phone to my laptop/tablet?

Yes, tethering from your device is available with all of our Sim only BYO plans, and is enabled automatically when you connect with Moose, ensuring your handset is compatible with this operation.

Can I extend the ring time of my mobile phone before it diverts to Message Bank?

By default, the ring time of your mobile phone is set to 15 seconds. You can change the length of the ring tone by entering this code from your mobile phone and pressing send/call button.
The code is **61*321**30# where 30 is the number of seconds your phone rings for.

How do I set up voicemail?

Your voicemail should be automatically activated. If you want to make changes, just call 321 from your Moose device and follow the instructions.

Can I record a personal message for my voicemail?

You can record a personal message for your voicemail by calling 321 and following the instructions on configuring your mailbox.

How do I remove my voicemail?

Your voicemail is automatically activated. If you want to remove your voicemail from your account, please call us on 07-3193 9400.

My phone stopped working all of a sudden. There are no coverage bars on my phone. What should I do?

Don’t panic. You could have just past through a coverage black spot, which means that your phone gets no reception in a good coverage area. Elevators and shopping malls are good examples of coverage black spots. Please turn your phone off and then turn it back on. In most cases, your phone will start working as normal. If you are still experiencing problems, please call (07) 31939400.

I entered the wrong pin and now my phone is locked. What do I do?

You will have 3 attempts to correctly enter your PIN code which is defaulted to ‘0000.’ If you see “Enter PUK Code” on the screen of the phone you will likely need to contact customer care via email or (07) 31939400 and ask for your unique PUK code. Please ensure you do not attempt to guess your PUK code as after 3 failed attempts your SIM card will automatically stop working and you will need to buy a new SIM card. Once we have given you your PUK code, please keep it somewhere safe.

I can download the invoices to my computer, but I can't look at them. Why?

Just go to and download the Adobe Reader to your computer.

Why can't I use Premium SMS anymore?

To save you from suffering 'bill shock', we've barred the use of Premium SMS for all of our customers. If you want to use Premium SMS, please contact us on (07) 31939400.

How can I identify a premium service?

Premium Service starts with a 19 or short code, it's either a phone number you dial or text a keyword to. They offer anything from voting lines and ringtones to wallpapers and pictures, and much more. There's usually two ways to receive a Premium Service. First, there is flat rate charging, where you pay a fixed fee for each SMS sent to and/or received from a Premium Number. There's also a subscription service (easy to get sucked into!) which traps you into an ongoing subscription with various charges. Watch out! The provider will probably also sting you for a joining fee! When it's Premium, it's usually costly, so beware!

How does Premium SMS appear on the bill?

Moose gets charged directly by the third party content provider as it's not a service that we offer. We need to pass the charge onto the customer who's subscribed to the service. You can see your usage online by logging on to your account with Moose.

I thought I had successfully unsubscribed from Premium SMS but they’re still appearing on my bill?

One way is to send the word STOP in capital letters back to the provider. If you're unsuccessful you'll receive an SMS informing you. If you're receiving messages from different Premium SMS numbers (you can easily recognise the numbers as they begin with 19) there's a bit more involved - you can either SMS the word "STOP" to each individual SMS number or you can contact us and we'll put a bar on all Premium Services by 6pm on the business day following your call. If you have issues you can contact the provider or, if you're having no luck please contact our service team on (07) 31939400.

How do I stop Premium SMS?

One way is to send the word STOP in capital letters back to the provider. If you're unsuccessful you'll receive an SMS informing you. If you're receiving messages from different Premium SMS numbers (you can easily recognise the numbers as they begin with 19) there's a bit more involved - you can either SMS the word "STOP" to each individual SMS number or you can contact us and we'll put a bar on all Premium Services by 6pm on the business day following your call. If you have issues you can contact the provider or, if you're having no luck please contact our service team on (07) 31939400.

I quit my Premium SMS service but apparently it has started all over again?

That's because you're probably receiving free marketing messages. Don't worry, repeat what you did initially - send the word STOP in capital letters back to the provider. That should terminate the service. You'll soon know when you receive a SMS back from them. Just be patient, it could take up to 24 hours to process. And if you're still receiving those niggling messages after you've tried unsubscribing, give the service provider's help desk a call. If you'd like to bar all Premium SMS, just call us.

I tried to replying STOP to the Premium SMS, but apparently I can't?

Don’t fret! There's no opportunity to reply to messages sent by WAP Push as it doesn't display phone numbers. Instead, read the message under 'Options' and there might be a service number or instructions on how to stop this service.

My handset is network locked to Telstra or Vodafone network what do I do?

If your handset is locked to either the Vodafone or Telstra network depending on how long you have had your device you could be entitled to get your handset unlocked free of charge here are the links for you to check your phones IMEI number. Moose mobile will not provide support in the unlocking process of your current handset, here are some helpful links.

Click here for the Vodafone unlock link

Click here for the Telstra unlock link